About Us

Equipped with the cutting edge AI and LiDAR technology and leveraging our extensive industry and academic experience, AIphotonics have been provided professional 3D sensing solutions to our clients across Hong Kong, including

  • Government,
  • Multinational Corporation,
  • Institutions,
  • NGO.

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Meet our team of highly-experienced 3D professionals

Our Solutions

Our LiDAR Solution can be customized for handling different kind of venue like Heritage, Shopping Mall, Country Park and Construction Sites.

You may have a Digital Twin of any place, valuable objects for precise archive interior and avaluable

3D Virtual Tour via Laser Scans !

3D Virtual Tour via 3D Imaging !

Our Expertise

IoT Solutions
40% Complete (success)
3D LiDAR Solution
80% Complete (success)
40% Complete (success)
Laser Photonics
100% Complete (Super !)

Our Team

Nim Cheung

Managing Director

Rica Fan


Tom Cheng

Scientific Consultant

KK Hau